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Playback - The unit was specifically designed to "safely" and "accurately" play all known ¼ track stereo and ½-track monaural microcassette recordings.

Transcription - In addition, the unit has a foot pedal to control the Play, Stop, and Backspace; a variable speed control and multiple headphone outputs to aid in efficiently and accurately transcribing hard-to-understand covert recordings.

Copying/Duplication - Adding a standard cassette dual-deck recorder and the optional duplication control unit, creates a professional quality microcassette-to-standard cassette duplicator. Adding a CD-Recorder in addition to or in place of the cassette recorder creates a microcassette-to-CD-R duplicator.

Special Features - The JBR Microcassette playback unit has two playback heads. The right head is located in the standard position. The left head is located 3/4 of an inch before the standard head location. Therefore, this head plays approximately 3/4 inch of virgin tape, then the original record head start transient, followed by the original erase head start transient and the exact point where the audio starts being recorded on the tape. This set of data is crucial in determining if a tape recording is authentic or had been changed or altered. No other known microcassette playback unit can recover this set of data.


The JBR Standard Cassette Unit has the same playback, transcription, and copying/duplicating capabilities as the JBR Microcassette unit. Refer to the write-up of the Microcassette Unit listed above.

Special Features:
The JBR standard cassette unit has a special playback head. This playback head has two sections. One section has the same configuration as a standard 1/4-track stereo playback head and is used to play cassette recordings that were made on properly maintained, operated and aligned recorders. The other section has nine narrow tracks distributed across the recording and is used to play cassettes that were made on defective, dirty, and/or misaligned recorders. By selecting tracks that improve intelligibility and signal quality and omitting tracks that do not, a trained operator can usually produce a more intelligible playback than can be obtained by playing this recording on a standard ½-track head. This head is unique to the JBR Standard Cassette Playback Unit.


The MD Multi-function Unit provides the following functions:

  1. Records Mini-Discs (SP, LP, LP2, and LP4).
  2. Plays any MD.
  3. Transcribes any MD.
This Unit provides all of the functions needed to utilize MD media.


JBR's Universal DVD & CD Player/Transcriber is specifically designed and optimized for playing and transcribing all CD's (MP3 and WMA encoded) and most DVD's. This Unit has features that will enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the transcriber. If the track and time information is entered in the transcript, a cross-reference is generated that enables the reviewer to check the accuracy of any transcribed statement or conversely determine if any statement heard is accurately transcribed.

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